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Many careers require specialized training outside a traditional 4-year higher education institution. These occupations can be challenging, yet rewarding.


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Career Education:
Setting Your Students on the Path to a Valued Vocation

"Only rich people can go to college!" That is what one third grader told teacher Heather Root. Now, Root and other educators are emphasizing career education in their classrooms, even at the elementary level. With the resources of the Web as your guide, you too can implement a study of occupations that enlightens, inspires, and encourages your students to succeed! Included: Online resources for screening personality and interest, writing rsums, and the all-important job interview. Lesson plans for teachers too!.


Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
This Web site focuses on the contributions of 20th-century engineering ingenuity and innovation that helped shape the world in which we live. The achievements were selected and ranked by a panel of experts based on the greatest contribution to the quality of life in the past 100 years.

Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle
This Web-based, middle school math project takes students through the process of determining the cost of building an Egyptian pyramid today.

Education World Site Reviews: Vocational Education
Listings for vocational education resource Web sites, categorized by topic.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Not only does their breakdown of Jobs (called "Outlook for Specific Occupations") include the nature of each job, but also employment conditions, working environment, outlook for the profession, training necessary, earnings statistics, and related occupations.

Enterprise Education
Enterprise Education is about "helping young people make things happen, be creative and find opportunities for themselves. This Web site supports this purpose, and also supports teachers developing enterprising attributes in students."

Vocational Resources:



New Books Help Growing Kids Grow Great Gardens!
Green-thumbed kids can grow schoolyard gardens, victory gardens, salsa gardens, and more. Find great ideas for growing great classroom projects in three recently released books!

Gems from the Garden --- Digging Up Activities for All Ages!
As temperatures warm and snow melts, educators search for ways to invite new growth into their classrooms. The Internet is full of hands-on activities for the indoor and outdoor gardener. Plant a seed, design a garden, or investigate the life of a worm --- welcome the new season with those activities and a crop of others! Included: Online resources for students to plan and plant their own Fantasy Farm!

Great Sites for Teaching About......Gardens
Each week, Education Worlds Great Sites for Teaching About page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. This weeks sites are among the best on the Web for teaching about gardens.

Schoolyard Soil Dwellers:
Whats Living in Your

As a part of an online project called Schoolyard Soil Dwellers, students are digging up their playgrounds to uncover critters that make the land their home. Participants in this creative online project are discovering the rewards of getting their hands dirty and comparing data across the miles! Included: Teachers and students share their experiences with the project!

"Harvesting" the Web for Farm Resources
Fall is the traditional harvest time. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are ripening, and apples are just waiting to be picked from the trees. With many crops ready to be gathered, it's the perfect time to "farm" the Internet for agricultural resources! Included: Web sites for students of all ages!

State Fair Activities: Fun and Challenges
Where can you find cows, candy apples, country singers, and Cajun cooking -- all in one place? You'll see all of those things, and more, at a typical state fair in 1998. A tradition in many states, these fairs bring people together to celebrate their heritage and enjoy the fun things in life.

From Maize to Milk: A Barnyard Full of Activities!
Put on your straw hat and grab a pitchfork -- it's time to go down on the farm! These activities -- centered around pigs, corn, milk, and more -- are guaranteed to make your students "hoot and holler"! Activities for all ages!

Composting in Schools
The site has resources, information, and experiments for students to learn about composting.

Farm Safety Just 4 Kids
The mission of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids is to prevent childhood farm-related injuries, health risks, and fatalities.

Kinder Garden
The information here serves as an introduction to activities and ideas for allowing children to interact with plants and the outdoors.

Vineyard Challenge
An online, interactive game that incorporates concepts found in farming, business and marketing. The user is given a set amount of money with which to purchase a vineyard and grow crops. The outcome is based on several choices made by the user.

Life Science: Science : Agriculture:


Automotive Learning Online
Automotive Learning Online provides an interactive view of the automobile for education purposes. Information here on parts, mechanisms and repairs.

Vocational Resources : Automotive: Manufacturers:



Entrepreneurs in the Classroom: M.Y.O.B. Spells Success
The Small Business Administration reports that students who participate in entrepreneurship programs demonstrate increased initiative and self-confidence. School interests such students more because they see how acquiring practical skills and learning to solve problems contribute to future success. Discover how two eighth-grade teachers in Connecticut integrated school-to-career connections in their curriculum --- and learn how you can Mind Your Own Business too! Included: Ten activities for incorporating entrepreneurship education into the curriculum.

Mrs. Burton Means Business
Recycling Kids, Inc. teaches business skills while involving parents and helping the environment.

Stock Market Games Bring Math to Life
Are your students in the market for meaningful math? Check out these on-line stock market simulations! Included: A fourth-grade teacher and her students talk about a fun and educational on-line stock market game!

Get Real: Math in Everyday Life
How many times have your students asked "When are we ever going to use this in real life?" Discover eight great answers --- eight great Web sites for teaching real world math!

Kids Helping Kids: UNICEF Kit Teaches Kids About Child Labor
A free teaching kit from UNICEF builds student awareness about the worldwide problem of child labor. Included: Information about UNICEF's Kids Speak Up for Kids Essay Contest. Additional activities included.

Designed by Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, this course helps students learn to design, manufacture, and market simple products.

Here is a wacky way to learn about the world of finance. In this free shareware game, Gazillionaire, you become "an intergalactic wheeler-dealer rocketing among the 7 planets of Kukubia as the head of your own trading company."

Lemonade Stand
This site has an interactive online version of the "Lemonade Stand" computer game. Users operate a lemonade stand in order to make a profit and win the game.

Vineyard Challenge
An online, interactive game that incorporates concepts found in farming, business and marketing. The user is given a set amount of money with which to purchase a vineyard and grow crops. The outcome is based on several choices made by the user.

Social Sciences:

MainX Stock Market Game
The MainXchange Stock Market Game is the fun and totally FREE way to learn how the stock market really works -- without risking a dime. MainXchange prepares you for the real world of investing.


Share the Pride: Create a School Web Site
On March 15, Education World announced the winner of the 1999 Cool School of the Year award -- and more than $10,000 in prizes -- Kenston High School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The Cool School award recognizes school Web sites that exemplify good layout, design, and visual appeal -- and provide opportunities for student, parent, teacher, and community involvement. This week, Education World asked our Tech Team for advice about creating a winning school Web site.

Kids Build Computers -- and a Future
Discover 'What's in the Box?' Programs that teach students how to build, repair, and maintain computers have become more commonplace as school officials discover the growing need for workers with hands-on technical skills. Learn about some of those programs in this Education World story. Included: Four programs that work!

Learning on the Fly: On-Line Tutorials Teach It All!
Are you ready to get serious about Office or Hyperstudio? Do you need an overview of the practical aspects of the product? Perhaps you just need a quick refresher on FileMaker Pro for a database you want to create. You may be ready to learn HTML or employ more visuals on a school Web page. On-line tutorials allow you to train yourself or your staff -- no fees, no long-term commitment, no messy manuals! Included: Free on-line tutorials for Adobe Acrobat, Windows 95, Power Point, JAVA, Photoshop, and many, many more!

No HTML Required!
Education World takes you on a tour of a handful of great sites that provide simple forms for creating Web-based classroom pages, activities, quizzes, and much more. And, best of all, there's no HTML coding required!

Youth Tech Enterpreneurs
Imagine a technology leadership program that engages young people through a hands-on, innovative approach benefiting the students, their teachers and local businesses. That program exists in Massachusetts, and it is called Youth Tech Entrepreneurs.

Learn Programming with Logo
So you want to learn programming, do you? Well then let Logo, the cyber-turtle, teach you the basics of Logo programming in 10 easy lessons. The site provides the basics of one of the simpler programming languages and is a great starting place before going on to more complicated programming languages. The site is offered in German, French, and English.

Computer Science: Electronics:


A 'Real-Life Fair' Shows Kids the Real Deal About Careers
Students in one Rhode Island junior high school got a glimpse of their future through a "Real-Life Fair," a career fair that incorporates lessons learned in the classroom. As they watched their earnings dwindle, some found that the careers they had their eyes on might not provide the funds they would like to have in the future. Find out whether a career fair or an online tour of careers is the ideal activity for your classroom! Included: Approaches to career education used in a handful of schools -- across the grades. Plus more great online and print career education resources!

"Baby" Helps Teens Think It Over!
A computerized doll, programmed to mirror the needs of a real baby, shows teens what parenting is really like.

Consumer Education for Teens
This information was developed by teens, for teens, to educate them about consumerism and to help them become smarter shoppers.

Integrating The Internet Into The Home & Career Skills Classroom
Integrating the Internet into the Home and Career Skills Classroom is not as hard as it might seem with this comprehensive Web site to help you. Here you'll find lots of great resources organized and ready to use!

Aunt Edna's Kitchen
The information here covers nutrition, recipes, weights, measures and conversion tables. Almost everything a home economics or consumer science teacher or student could use for class.

Invest Smart
Investment basics, lessons and games to help students (and others) increase their financial savvy.

The Mint
The Mint is an economics and finance site for youth, their teachers, and parents. This very interactive site teaches the ins and outs of personal finance, entrepreneurship, and basic economics.

Young Investors
There's a two-fold purpose to this site, to help parents teach their children about money matters and to interest kids in finance.

Life Skills:


Vocational Resources : Culinary:

The Culinary Institute of America
A very complete offering, mainly in the summer time.

CIA Curriculum
Take the "Education Walk" aisle on this virtual food show. It contains the CIA's Continuing Education curriculum.

Shaw Guide to Culinary Schools
This classic compendium of culinary schools and programs world-wide is now available on the Web. Check out it's continuing education offerings.

The Educational Institute
From The American Hotel and Motel Association

Le Cordon Bleu
The world-famous cooking school in Paris - Menus and information.

Johnson & Wales University Home Page

The Johnson & Wales Library card catalog, has a vast culinary and related hospitality resource archive.

Conrad N Hilton College
The Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management promotes its hospitality education programs from this Web page.

The Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
The Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education describes its membership, publications, conferences, etc.

The French Culinary Institute


"Children Act Fast...So Do Poisons!"
The theme of this year's National Poison Prevention Week (March 15-21) is "Children Act Fast...So Do Poisons!" -- a reminder to educators that we must "act fast" to teach poison prevention. Included: Internet connections and classroom activities to teach poison prevention!

Serve Up Classroom Nutrition Activities!
Serve up a well-balanced nutrition unit! A "bunch" of activities to pick from!

HIV/AIDS Education Isn't Only for Health Class!
A special multidisciplinary curriculum has transported HIV/AIDS education out of it relegated position in America's school health classes and moved it into other areas of the curriculum where it belongs!

Germs "Spread" Into School Curriculum: Handwashing Saves the Day!
Operation Clean Hands teaches children (and adults) about the importance of handwashing. Special school-based projects are getting out the message in Lubbock and Baltimore---and in points in between.

Snapshots of Medicine and Health
Part of the National Institutes of Health Web site, this section focuses on research, discoveries, and developments in biomedicine.

Medical Science:

Diseases & Conditions

Allied Health and Health-Related Professions
Delmar Publishers' Allied Health site for students, instructors and professionals. Resource centers with books, software, monitored links, online companion material, reference material and updated information in a variety of health care related fields.