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S I T E     R E V I E W
April, 1999

School Choices
GRADE LEVEL: Professional

School reform is a hot topic. Most people agree that we need to make changes to improve the quality of America's schools, but few can agree on just how to go about it. The School Choice site puts forth a strong argument in favor of a free-market school system as opposed to our current government run school system. Here you'll find articles, book reviews, and other information that examine the pros and cons of this controversial reform method.

Well laid out and easy to read. The graphics are mostly book covers.

The main section pages have a comprehensive set of navigational links along their left sides. All pages have links back to the section heading at the bottom.

This Web site is controversial. It proposes to do away with the public school systems that are near and dear to many and replace them with a competitive free-market educational system where parents choose the school they want their children to go to. The site's author, Andrew Coulson, puts forth research that addresses both the positive and negative issues surrounding this radical restructuring idea. Unfortunately, much of the material is in the form of hardcopy books that are either not available in hypertext or only have small sections available. Mr. Coulson does provide several online sources to purchase the books. The site provides an excellent bibliography on the subject, as well as several short articles.