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Aunt Edna's Kitchen

The information here covers nutrition, recipes, weights, measures and conversion tables. Almost everything a home economics or consumer science teacher or student could use for class.

The background pattern uses light colors and resembles the patterns you see on paper towels, which is a nice idea for a kitchen-oriented site.

All sections of the site are listed on the first page and each section has its own page. Every area has a link back to the main page and most layouts are presented using tables or link lists.

This is a good site to bookmark because it contains a lot of information relating to the same topic, all in one place. The subject covered is basic home economics and the information provided here includes general and brand name food-related sites, food organizations, institutes and committees (such as the American Egg Board and the National Pork Home Page) and food-related magazines, newsgroups & E-journals. Each month Aunt Edna features a related, food-oriented site and provides links to other outside resources. Within the site you'll find recipes (with a searchable recipe database); nutrition information (including a great graphic of the USDA Food Pyramid); conversion tables; information on spices and ingredient substitutions; and weights & measures. Additionally, the site has links to cooking software and products. This is an ideal place for home economics teachers to use for research or to use online in the classroom. Students would also benefit by using this site on their own for projects.