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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 15, 1999

Humanities Interactive

The Humanities-Interactive project is an outstanding set of on-line interactive historical and cultural exhibits that include annotated images, learning resources, essays, educational worksheets, games, and multimedia presentations.

The very professional layout includes some incredible images.

The home page of the site is available in either a text-based frames version or a Java-based version. Each exhibit is independent, so bookmark the main page to find your way back. The slide shows require Media Player. The site loads quickly, although it has a large number of graphics. Users with slow modems will have to be patient, however.

Humanities Interactive is an outstanding collection of exhibits. Each collection stands alone as an excellent teaching resource designed to be useful to primary through college-level classrooms. Take some time to explore this site; you'll find lots of great stuff including games, slide shows, essays, and links to outside sites for deeper research. Teachers will love the Learning Activities section and its interactive quizzes, worksheets, and more. Currently the collections are oriented toward the culture and history of Texas and Mexico but will be expanding to include the Ancient World, the New World, and more. Be sure to bookmark this site, and keep checking back for more awesome stuff!