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Education World takes you on a tour of a handful of great sites that provide simple forms for creating Web-based classroom pages, activities, quizzes, and much more. And, best of all, there's no HTML coding required!

Does the very thought of posting lessons and information on the Web cause your heart to race and your palms to sweat? For many teachers, the reluctance to incorporate Internet elements into the curriculum comes from the lack of knowledge and the fear of the complexity of Web page creation. Don't feel that way; lots of help is available. Many sites on the Web offer free services that help teachers make the most of wired computers -- without knowing even one little piece of HTML code!

SCHOOLNOTES.COM is a site that offers many possibilities for teachers and students. Teachers can post homework assignments, upcoming projects, newsletters, schedules, Web site links of interest, lecture notes, or even flashcards for study and review. All that and more can be accomplished with a simple fill-in-the-blank form.

Having four children in elementary school led Ron Bocinsky to develop as a means for teachers to easily convey information to students and parents.

"We would like all teachers and schools, both public and private, to be aware that the service is available to help facilitate family-school-community partnerships that strengthen education by improving communication," said Bocinsky. "We continually strive to improve with a primary focus on keeping it simple. Our goal is to complement school Web sites with a tool that teachers can use to add information at any time." is being used by teachers and students at all grade levels.  Teachers can also use to post an Internet activity for their class. Internet activities are the simplest way to utilize in the classroom the fresh information resources found on the Net. Teachers can simply find a specific site or group of sites related to a topic and build an activity around the site or sites. Posting the activity on the Web makes it available to students 24 hours a day from any computer with Internet access, at school or at home.


Floop is a web app that saves teachers time and helps students see the value in feedback.

ClassMarker allows you to create Assessments for learning, and Test and Retest Students as much as you require.

For interactive quizzes, Quizizz is the answer.  Pick the perfect quiz or create your own. Choose from millions of free teacher-created quizzes or quickly make your own.


Article by Hazel Jobe
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