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"My First Book About the Internet"

Author Sharon Cromwell offers kids a glimpse of what's in store for them on the Internet in this new book from Troll.

My First Book book cover Looking for a fun way to introduce students to the Internet and Internet terminology? Ask you bookseller to order a copy of My First Book About the Internet. It's a $2.95 investment that will return great dividends!

If you're a teacher or a school administrator, why not order a class set?

A quick look at the glossary in the back of My First Book About the Internet reveals some of the key words and phrases that author Sharon Cromwell introduces young readers to. Cromwell uses simple language to clearly define network, online service, URL, E-mail, link, modem, downloading, and a handful of other cyber-terms.

Just as My First Book About the Internet clearly defines the language of the Internet, so it describes how the WWW works and the skills kids need to make it work for them. Topics covered include What Is the Internet?, Getting onto the Internet, How Things Move on the Internet, Signing On, and Sending E-mail. The Stay Safe on the Internet "chapter" offers students three important "Internet Do's and Don'ts" --

  • RULE 1: Don't give your phone number, address, password, or photo to anyone.
  • RULE 2: Do show an adult any message you get that upsets you for any reason.
  • RULE 3: Don't tell anyone private stuff about yourself or your family.

Dana Regan's illustrations depict a diverse group of young Web surfers. Her simple images capture all the fun of Internet exploration! In a couple instances -- where some of the more technical aspects of Internet exploration are being explained -- Regan's pictures are, indeed, "worth a thousand words."

My First Book About the Internet would make an excellent preview to a child's first Internet exploration -- or it could be used as a valuable "referesher course." Teachers and parents could share the book after those first surfing lessons "whet" kids' appetites for more!

My First Book About the Internet, written by Sharon Cromwell and illustrated by Dana Regan, is published by Troll. If your local bookseller doesn't have a copy of the book, ask them to order it for you.

Sharon Cromwell is a regular contributor to Education World. This week, you can read her story about violence in schools; or check out last week's story, The Internet Safety Debate.

Article by Gary Hopkins
Education World® Editor-in-Chief
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