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  • The Internet and Problem-Based Learning: A New Resource for Connected Classrooms
    Using the Internet for problem solving introduces new dimensions to teaching. A new book, *The Internet and Problem-Based Learning: Developing Solutions Through the Web*, will help you explore those dimensions --- and share them with your students!--05/08/2000

  • The World Is Your Classroom!
    ""The Internet overcomes limitations of time and space," said the authors of Collaboration: How to Find, Design, and Implement Collaborative Internet Projects. Find out how your students can work with students from around the world, access up-to-the-minute research data, talk to real subject matter experts, and participate in online discussions, chats, and forums. Experience the magic of the global classroom - from the comfort of your own!--02/28/2000

  • From Pony Express to Disposable Computers: A Technology Timeline
    "When five computers have been sold, the world won't need any more." That's what the head of IBM predicted in the 1940s. Today, computers are selling at the rate of five every second! What will the next 50 years bring? Find out in *How the Future Began: Communications,* Anthony Wilson's fascinating new look at the past, the present, and the future of communication technology.--01/24/2000

  • Integrating the Internet Just Got Easier!
    Among the many resources provided by Teacher Created Materials is a new series of activity books that busy teachers can use to integrate technology into their curriculum. Activity books are available for primary, intermediate, and "challenging" (middle school) levels. Check out some of the latest resources from TCM and order your free catalog today!--03/01/1999

  • A Companion for Kids Surfing the Net
    Kids.exploring.on.the.net offers fun activities and reviews of educational Web sites on topics of wide interest to teachers and students. Pick a topic and you'll find Internet resources here!--09/14/1998

  • "My First Book About the Internet"
    Author Sharon Cromwell offers kids a glimpse of what's in store for them on the Internet in this new book from Troll. --05/04/1998