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S I T E     R E V I E W
February 01, 2000

Written By: Hazel Jobe

Designed by Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, this course helps students learn to design, manufacture, and market simple products.

A colorful and quick loading image map is the focal point of the site and serves as the site map.

The information on the site is well organized and easily located. Well-defined internal links transport visitors from one section of the site to another.

Bring the world of business and entrepreneurship into your classroom with BizWorld. This innovative program explains the fundamentals of business to students and helps them put what they learn into action. Students as young as third-graders learn about business by forming teams and starting their own bracelet manufacturing companies right in their classrooms. The course is designed to be taught in four days and is divided into four two-hour modules: Design Day, Manufacturing Day, Market Day, and Finance Day. By completing an online form, teachers can request a BizWorld package that contains the course guide, training videos, handouts, and enough materials to teach one class. If you're a PC user, you can play the E-Business Game online.