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Link Updated March, 2005

Learn Programming with Logo

So you want to learn programming, do you? Well then let Logo, the cyber-turtle, teach you the basics of Logo programming in 10 easy lessons. The site provides the basics of one of the simpler programming languages and is a great starting place before going on to more complicated programming languages. The site is offered in German, French, and English.

Logo, the cyber-turtle, is a cute and helpful host. The pages are well laid out and easy to read.

Each page has a helpful navigational sidebar on the left.

Let Logo do the walking. All you have to do is type commands in and Logo, the cyber-turtle, will draw shapes for you. The complexity of the shapes is up to the user. This is a great site for use in the classroom. It easy to understand, and kids will enjoy it. Logo will take your students through a series of lessons that will provide a basic foundation in Logo programming that can then be experimented with creatively. Download the program and let your students design offline. Check out the designs others have made in the Procedures and Contest areas to get ideas. If you have a question, post it on the discussion group. This award winning site was put together by students in Berlin, Germany, for the 1998 ThinkQuest competition. Great Job!