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Young Investor Web Site

There's a two-fold purpose to this site, to help parents teach their children about money matters and to interest kids in finance.

The site uses animation, banners, lots of graphics and skewed images that appeal to a young audience.

The Web site has a navigation bar on the left side of each page (with the contents changing for each section) that lights up according to the area of the site the user is currently viewing. It includes links to the other areas of the site and back to the main page.

This is a Web site designed to help parents and children together better understand the world of finance. (Also, the site has a separate kids' section and parents' section.) The students' area has games about finance, an online survey and a questions area where kids can post their answers to a question. The library has articles on investing and money as well as a dictionary of financial terms. The parents' area has questions and answers from Dr. Tightwad, a nationally syndicated columnist; a financial college cost calculator; and general information about the site and what kids can learn from it. While this site does have some direct application to the classroom (for example, discussions based on the posed questions, reviewing the college cost calculator with high school students, and reference materials from the library), most of the site is for parents and children to use together at home, which is a great concept.