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Updated JUNE, 2007

Consumer Education for Teens

This information was developed by teens, for teens, to educate them about consumerism and to help them become smarter shoppers.

The background on the home page is dark and can be difficult to view for long periods of time. Subsequent pages use frames with contrasting backgrounds. The main page uses a variety of graphics to mark its sections.

The site uses frames, which keeps a navigational menu on the left side at all times. Users can access any area of the site from the menu.

This Web site was created by a technology class at Mount Rainier High School as a special project for the Washington State Attorney General's Office. The intent is to help teenagers become better-educated consumers. Users can find resources for filing complaints if they feel they have been cheated and can even file a complaint with the AGO of Washington State online! The site includes some helpful tips on how to save money. Viewers can find advice and information on topics targeted to teenage consumers such as music clubs, tattoos, calling cards and buying a car. Information on get-rich-quick schemes and Internet scams is also available here. Students can will appreciate the information on scholarships. Consumer education and family science classes will find this site useful. Other disciplines such as math might be able to use some of the information here. Teenagers (and their parents) will find the information invaluable.