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August, 1998
Link Updated February, 2009

Composting in Schools

The site has resources, information, and experiments for students to learn about composting.

This is a fairly simple site. The home page displays a list of links.

The home page features links to each section of the site. The bottom of the page has links to other composting sites.

This section of Cornell University's Program in Environmental Sciences Web site was created to provide information for setting up composts. Many schools are teaching composting because it is growing in popularity as a way of reducing disposable waste, and is useful in gardening and landscaping. By studying composting, students learn about environmental issues and science concepts such as life cycles, food webs, and biodegradation. Biology, chemistry, and other science disciplines can be taught at the same time. The teacher's page explains how to set up compost and provides lesson plans and lab activities. Users can participate in a student forum or a teacher's forum. Students can take an online quiz or view ideas for student research projects. This could be a new area of education for some schools and this site makes beginning a compost project fairly easy.