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Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century

The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century chronicles the technological accomplishments of the century that helped shape our world today.

This site has an uncomplicated layout with links to each achievement on the front page.

Each of the 20 achievements, ranked in order of importance, is available from the main page, and each area has a link back to the home page. There is also a printer-friendly version of the site.

This Web site focuses on the contributions of 20th-century engineering ingenuity and innovation that helped shape the world in which we live. The achievements were selected and ranked by a panel of experts based on the greatest contribution to the quality of life in the past 100 years. From electrification (number 1) to the development of high-performance materials (number 20), users will find the history of these everyday innovations as well as a timeline. This is a great resource for gathering information for reports but could also make interesting lessons in the way technology has shaped our lives, the contributions of engineers to society, and more.