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January, 1998

Farm Safety Just 4 Kids
GRADE LEVEL: K-8 & Parents

The mission of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids is to prevent childhood farm-related injuries, health risks, and fatalities.

The site uses colorful graphics, cartoon images, and animation.

Each page has a menu with links to other sections of the site. The home page allows users to advance to the kid's section or the parent's section.

This Web site is part of the Farm Safety Just 4 Kids campaign. The initiative was started by a mother whose son died in a farm accident in 1986. The focus of the campaign initially was to inform families of "age-and ability-appropriate" tasks on the farm for their children. The non-profit organization now also advocates the prevention of "farm-related childhood injuries, health risks and fatalities." Farm Safety 4 Just Kids has services available for resource development, networking, presentations, and community training. Students will find games, pictures contributed by kids, and an animated tour with "Dr. Danger" that explains farm hazards. Parents will find information on the group and membership details. Vocational teachers and educators in schools located in farming districts may find the organization's videos, literature, decals, and displays useful for lessons in farm safety. Local chapters have school programs available. A unique resource for anyone concerned with improving safety in the farming community.