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First-School PreSchool Activities and Crafts
Grades: PreK 1, Professional
First-School offers parents, preschool teachers and caregivers ideas, links to printable activities, and theme materials -- including some online activities. Monthly activities are available. A Spanish version of the site is available. 9/30/2002

Preschool Education: Ideas for early childhood educators
Grades: PreK 1, Professional
This site has a wealth of information and ideas for early childhood educators. The information is available by theme and also by type (e.g., bulletin board, felt board, circle time, etc.). 9/27/2002

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Grades: All, Professional
This site offers mathematical research papers and tools for math instruction at all levels. In addition to information for teachers of math at all levels, information on units of measurement and conversion instruction, raw data (mostly in the area of athletics), many mathematical puzzles, and links to other math sources on the web can be found at this site from the University of Exeter in the UK, a top university there. 9/26/2002

SFS Kids: Fun with Music
Grades: K-8
The San Francisco Symphony Site for Kids is a rich resource for the music teacher or student. It provides kids of all ages the opportunity to "learn, listen and have fun" with music. 9/25/2002

Making Mathematics
Grades: 7-12, Professional
Making Mathematics offers examples of open-ended math research projects for students in grades seven through 12. Each project lists prerequisites, warm-up problems, hints, resources, teaching notes, extension problems, and results. In addition, there are support sites for students, parents, and teachers and a section with links to other math-related sites. 9/24/2002

Kids Castle
Grades: 1-6
Kids Castle is the online Smithsonian Magazine for Kids. The home page offers links to the Cool Link of the Day and Photo of the Day. In addition, links to all the channels (subject areas) are available here. Channels include Science, Personalities, Sports, Animals, Worldwide, History, Arts, and Space. Each channel provides questions and answers, pictures, and information about the subject. 9/23/2002

Grades: K-8, Parents
RandomHouse.com/kids offers parents, teachers, and students links to information on childrens books and authors published by Random House. In addition to up-to-date information, the site offers mini-sites focusing on specific book series and authors, such as The Magic Tree House, Sesame Street Books, and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. These mini-sites have fun activities, screen-savers, and some multimedia content related to Random House authors and products. 9/20/2002

Science Knows No Boundaries
Grades: 3-8
Science Knows No Boundaries is published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and includes stories, slide shows, quizzes, and teaching resources about science around the world. 9/19/2002

Grades: 4th - Adult
LearnCalifornia offers valuable information regarding the history of California. It includes student lessons, teacher lesson plans, test questions, and research links related to California and its history. The site also offers links to maps and photos related to California. 9/18/2002

Grades: Professional
This site is for use by individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting technology use in low-income communities. It provides links to sites that address specific ethnic audiences and sites for low-literacy users. In addition, it provides links to sites that focus on education, health issues, housing, and other areas of local interest. The site provides tools that allow and encourage community-based individuals to create useful content for their local audiences. 9/17/2002

Eric Carle
Grades: Pre-K-3
The Official Eric Carle Web Site provides information about Eric Carle and his books. There are also questions from fans and answers from the author. Information about the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art (opening fall 2002) is also available. 9/16/2002

Grades: 6-12
This site, alternately named Real-Life Math, Architecture and Computers, has a number of activities to encourage students to study math by doing architecture. Students can work on "Architivities," including Floor Plan Your Classroom and then use CAD software to create a design and submit it to this site. 9/13/2002

Grades: Pre-K-6
This site provides numerous literacy tools and activities for students, parents, and teachers. The site includes links to reading and writing sites, a reading-level estimator that parents or teachers can use, and an easy-to-use assessment calculator that will score oral reading assessments (running records). Students can use the interactive writing activities and keep track of their reading with a Web-based book tracker. 9/10/2002

In Time
Grades: Professional
In Time offers a wealth of information and research related to using informational technology to facilitate quality educational programs. Sections of the site include research on principles of learning, information processing, content standards, tenets of democracy, and teacher knowledge and behavior. 9/09/2002

The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources for Teachers
Grades: PreK - Advanced
The Catalyst is a resource site for the high school chemistry teacher. Included are annotated links to Web resources in many categories, PowerPoint presentations to be used in chemistry classes, a bulletin board for teachers to post messages or make requests, and links to high school chemistry department Web sites. In addition, a search feature and a forum for teachers allow users to submit their own teaching materials to share with others. 9/06/2002

Child Trends
Grades: Parents, Professional
Child Trends is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that provides information, research, and data on children, youth, and families. 9/05/2002

Teaching 9-11
Grades: K-12, Advanced
The Clarke Center at Dickinson College has posted this Web site as a resource for teachers who want to help their students understand the events of September 11, 2001. 9/04/2002

EcoKids Online
Grades: K-5, Parents
EcoKids Online is an "innovative, interactive environmental Web site for children, their families, and educators in Canada and around the world." 9/03/2002