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September 2002
Updated JUNE, 2007

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
A top British university's math site.
Grade Level: All, Professional

This site offers mathematical research papers and tools for math instruction at all levels. In addition to information for teachers of math at all levels, information on units of measurement and conversion instruction, raw data (mostly in the area of athletics), many mathematical puzzles, and links to other math sources on the web can be found at this site from the University of Exeter in the UK, a top university there.
Light colored backgrounds and black print make this site easy to read. There are no graphics to distract you on the home page. Throughout the site, you can find some shapes, such as on the Tangram pages. These graphics are black on light colored backgrounds and are easy to distinguish. The colors on some pages are easier to read than others.
The home page of this site consists of a little information about the site and a list of links to specific sections. There is a link to a more descriptive index that offers annotations to the various pages available.
The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, established in 1986 at University of Exeter, is a focus for research and curriculum development in Mathematics teaching and learning, with the aim of unifying and enhancing mathematical progress in schools and Colleges. The website was created in 1995. The information available here could be invaluable to math teachers at all levels. The Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) offers teaching material for mathematics for all grade levels in-service materials for teachers and direct help for students at certain levels. The Kassel Project describes a collaborative project between Exeter and Kassel Universities to assess mathematics and determine good practice. The site offers links to schools that offer math materials online and other sites with helpful information for math teachers and students. Puzzles, Pastimes, and Competitions offers lots of interesting and intriguing puzzles for higher level thinking. The site also has competitions, but the competitions are not currently available to students. Regardless of this fact, the questions can be used by teachers of mathematics even if the competitions are not available. The site offers some Mindbenders from the book by Robert Eastaway and David Wells with answers. This is an exciting site for math teachers at all levels.

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