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September 2002

A comprehensive resource for California history.
Grade Level: 4th - Adult


LearnCalifornia offers valuable information regarding the history of California. It includes student lessons, teacher lesson plans, test questions, and research links related to California and its history. The site also offers links to maps and photos related to California.
Very attractive and easy to read, this site is pleasing to visit. The graphics are low-key and very appropriate.
The home page offers four main links: Students, Teachers, Research, and Site Map. In addition, there is a search feature and a pull-down menu that enables users to browse by subject. Each of the main links takes you to pages with clear links to items of interest. Tabs at the top of each page allow access to the other sections.
Teachers, students, and anyone else interested in California history will find a gold mine at this site. Developed by the staff of the California State Archives, it is aligned with the California Department of Educations History-Social Science Content Standards. Ten student lessons are available. Each lesson gives a short narrative and then directions for a student to follow to complete the lesson without a teacher. The directions contain links and questions for the student to research at each site. Each of the eleven teacher lesson plans offers an online format as well as an offline format for use when student computer access is not available. Lesson Plans include links to all the materials needed and also are aligned with the CDEs standards. The Research California section provides links to the California archives and other historical writings on the history of the state. An extensive site map is also available with links to each part of each lesson and links to every section of the site. What a wonderful resource for Californias teachers and students or other students doing research on the state!

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