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September 2002

Helping communities build content sites.
Grade Level: Professional


This site is for use by individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting technology use in low-income communities. It provides links to sites that address specific ethnic audiences and sites for low-literacy users. In addition, it provides links to sites that focus on education, health issues, housing, and other areas of local interest. The site provides tools that allow and encourage community-based individuals to create useful content for their local audiences.
ContentBank is a professionally created site. It is attractive and easy to read.
This site is very well organized. Top-of-page buttons generate menus to access each other link. There is also a box of links at the side of the page to allow access to some areas of the site. A Search feature and well-organized site map are available.
ContentBank.org was created by the Childrens Partnership to focus on the development of online content for and by low-income communities. Goals include encouraging private and public individuals and organizations to make quality content for under-served individuals and to make this content easier to find and use. The site offers practical examples of Best Practices and successful projects. One example is a full description of a youth program in Flint, Michigan (Flint Profiles), with contact information. Site Tools include reviews and links to preferred search engines, translation tools, and a tech library with examples of how sites use these tools. The site features Read-A-Loud, a feature that (after downloading a plug-in) allows you to run your mouse over a title or paragraph and the computer will read it aloud for you. The site is also available in Spanish. Curriculum resources are available in business, ethnic culture, workforce development, and youth. There are also links to sites to help overcome barriers to technology use such as limited literacy, Spanish populations, and disabilities. This very extensive site has many resources and excellent content for community development. Its uses are also quite extensive and broad. All in all, it is a tremendous resource!

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