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SFS Kids: Fun with Music
Listen, learn, and have fun with music
Grade Level: K-8


The San Francisco Symphony Site for Kids is a rich resource for the music teacher or student. It provides kids of all ages the opportunity to "learn, listen and have fun" with music.
The site is colorful and exciting with child friendly graphics. A great Help section is available for downloading and installing necessary plug-ins.
The site is easy to navigate. There is a top and left side navigation menu to the major areas of the site as well as a handy site map and an onsite search tool.
The SFS Kids site is a wonderful resource for learning about music. Whether you are interested in starting with a basic introduction to the notes or delving further into tempo, pitch, and harmony, this is the place to go. The Music Lab students can experiment with the sites and sounds by playing a tune with the Performalator or making their own music with the Composerizer. There is a Radio for listening to compositions. Each channel of the radio features a play list on the right with a brief informational piece on the left. The Instruments of the Orchestra section groups the instruments into the four families; strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Each of the four categories features information on the different instruments along with sound clips and close up 360 degree pictures. This is a must see site for music teachers and students!

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