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May 2009

The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources for Teachers
Resource for chemistry teachers.
GRADE LEVEL: 9 -12, Advanced

The Catalyst is a resource site for the high school chemistry teacher. Included are annotated links to Web resources in many categories, PowerPoint presentations to be used in chemistry classes, a bulletin board for teachers to post messages or make requests, and links to high school chemistry department Web sites. In addition, a search feature and a forum for teachers allow users to submit their own teaching materials to share with others.
Attractive and easy to read, the Catalyst site is very appealing to use.
This site is very well organized. A menu on the side of each page links to all sections. Links at the bottom of each page take users to the main sections of the site. A search feature is available, and the extensive site map allows easy usage.
The Catalyst is a valuable resource for upper-level chemistry teachers. The pages of Resource Links are extensive and well organized by categories, including Periodic Tables, Experiments, History, and Laboratory. Annotations allow users to find exactly what they are looking for. Links are also available in Spanish. The Teacher's Forum posts lesson plans, presentations, work sheets, and a wealth of ideas submitted by chemistry teachers. Teachers are encouraged to contact The Catalyst to submit their original work. PowerPoint and Hyperstudio presentations are available for viewing or downloading. These include subjects such as Discovery of the Atom and Kinetics and Equilibrium. The Catalyst's Q & A Page lists sites where teachers or students can ask technical questions about chemistry. In addition, The Catalyst offers a bulletin board, listings of job postings, and information about upcoming conferences.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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