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September 2002

Eric Carle
Explore Eric Carle's bio, his popular children's books, more!


The Official Eric Carle Web Site provides information about Eric Carle and his books. There are also questions from fans and answers from the author. Information about the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art (opening fall 2002) is also available.
Eric Carle fans will appreciate the art on this Web site. Except for the occasional photograph, all graphics are by Eric Carle and are copyright protected. The site is easy to read and pleasant to the eye.
The Eric Carle home page has links to all the other available pages. Easy access makes this site user-friendly.
The Official Eric Carle Web Site offers artwork from Carle's beloved books. Users will also find information about the author, questions and answers about his books and illustrations, a bulletin board where teachers and parents can share ideas, and The Eric Carle Store, which sells Eric Carle artwork. Caterpillar Express has a link to past newsletters -- you can sign up to receive the current ones. Caterpillar Express also includes questions from readers -- from "How do you make your pictures?" to "When did you grow your beard?" Eric Carle has answered many readers' questions on this site. Upcoming events and information about new publications is available on the site, and descriptions of his newest books and a list of all his publications can be found here. Lovers of children's literature and teachers of students in Pre-K-2 will enjoy the information and artwork available at the Eric Carle Web site.

Review by Hazel Jobe
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