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September 2002

Making Mathematics
Open-ended mathematics research projects.
Grade Level: 7-12, Professional


Making Mathematics offers examples of open-ended math research projects for students in grades seven through 12. Each project lists prerequisites, warm-up problems, hints, resources, teaching notes, extension problems, and results. In addition, there are support sites for students, parents, and teachers and a section with links to other math-related sites.
This site is quite attractive and professionally presented. White backgrounds and simple graphics make it easy to read and use.
A simple organizational bar at the top of each page offers links to each section of the site. There are also textual links at the bottom of each page.
The Making Mathematics site was originally developed to report on a project that linked middle and high school students, teachers, and professional mathematicians via the Internet to collaborate on open-ended mathematics research projects. The project lasted from 1999 to 2002. Although the actual project is finished, the research projects are described in detail and could be replicated by teachers and students. Research projects are ranked from 1 -- no algebra yet to 4 -- advanced algebra and beyond. An extensive teacher handbook is available in both .html and .pdf format. The handbook provides advice and activities for teaching mathematical research skills. Mathematical tools are also available on the Teachers page -- including links to other Web resources for subjects such as Pascals Triangle, Euclids Algorithm, and the Chinese Remainder Theorem. Reports on the completed student projects are available as are stories describing experiences of students, teachers, and mentors from the original project. For teachers of and students in upper-level math classes, this site offers a great deal of information and activities!

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