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September 2002

First-School PreSchool Activities and Crafts
Easy-to-use site for preschool educators and parents.
Grade Level: PreK 1, Professional

First-School offers parents, preschool teachers and caregivers ideas, links to printable activities, and theme materials -- including some online activities. Monthly activities are available. A Spanish version of the site is available.
Pale yellow and white backgrounds and black or red text make this site easy to read. The simple fonts and large text size also contribute readability.
The main areas of First-School are easily accessible from the homepage. Activities and ideas are organized by themes, alphabet, holidays, animals, coloring pages, and crafts. The site is not extremely deep, but it is easy to find everything.
First-School is an excellent resource for early childhood educators and anyone else working with young children. The First Alphabet section offers printable worksheets and activities for each letter. First PreSchool Themes offers ideas, links to online resources, and printable coloring pages and other activities to spice up a pre-school curriculum. Information on current book titles and activities to go with these books are available, and direct links to make book purchase easy.

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