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September 2002

Science Knows No Boundaries
The USDA teaches science.
Grade Level: 3-8


Science Knows No Boundaries is published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and includes stories, slide shows, quizzes, and teaching resources about science around the world.
The site has child-friendly animations and an uncluttered look. The site's information is divided into small chunks for easy reading.
A simple left-side menu makes easy work of navigating the site. Users can scan through the stories by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the pages. All pages are linked back to the homepage.
Science Knows No Boundaries offers students the opportunity to travel through such places as Nepal, India, Australia, and France to find "good bugs" that "can help control some of North Americas nastiest agricultural pests -- biologically, rather than chemically." These and many other illustrated stories from around the world are written with young readers in mind and are available in the Stories Without Boundaries section. Students interested in a job in agricultural research can find information on a long list of careers from animal scientist to botanist to microbiologist in Careers Clicking on the name of the career will give users a definition of that career, along with stories about the particular kind of research pursued by people in that career. After perusing the career list, students can take the quiz that asks them to match the scientist with the job descriptions. Also, students can find ideas for science fair projects and a review of how a science fair project should follow the basic steps of the scientific process. The Teacher's Desk offers a wealth of lesson plans and materials that go along with the other information on the site, making this a great supplement to the science curriculum.

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