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September 2002

Preschool Education
Ideas for early childhood educators.
Grade Level: PreK 1, Professional

This site has a wealth of information and ideas for early childhood educators. The information is available by theme and also by type (e.g., bulletin board, felt board, circle time, etc.).
Brightly colored backgrounds and colored text make reading this page somewhat difficult. In addition, the banner ads can be distracting because they aren't as clearly separated from content and navigational elements as they could be. The site also permits pop-up advertising.
This site offers links from the homepage to all its features. It is easy to move from one area to another. The search feature is an easy way to find ideas and information on the site.
The Preschool Education site is designed to give parents and teachers of young children lots of ideas and resources. An online newsletter allows sharing of theme-related ideas, bulletin boards, recipes, articles, and even pages to print -- including notes to parents, file folder games, felt board stories, and much more. This site offers book reviews, arts and craft ideas, and links to other preschool resources available online. Teachers and child-care providers will find many useful ideas here.

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