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Lazy days on the beach and in the backyard hammock? Not exactly. Learn what teachers really do over the school break.
Years later, 2,000 city kids attend 28 suburban districts. Student Reggie McBee said, “I would be in a [lower] economic class, social class, had I stayed in Hartford schools."
"Teachers are just glorified babysitters." Ever heard that one from a parent? Celebrate the ignorance with this infographic.
The cuts are an "example of the continued destruction and decimation of neighborhood schools," said Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.
"[My daughter] knew that she was not engaged in learning in ways that she had been in other schools she attended," said parent Donald E. Heller.
Textbooks were scrapped in favor of novels and plays, and students were encouraged to tell personal stories.
"[The school is] the heart of the community," said a parent. "This is going to turn Monticello into a little ghost town."
The term continues to generate controversy. “It’s very bothersome when I see someone wearing a T-shirt with that word on it," said one community member.
About 150 members of the "Badass Teacher Association" marched toward the Gates Foundation to express disapproval of the Common Core standards.
"My concern is that the so-called reforms are discouraging people from becoming administrators — even educators," said Rosemary Pitruzzella, president of the South Orangetown Board of Education.
"You hear heart-wrenching stories about how scarce food is at home," said a food bank director. "You'll hear how ramen noodles are all they ate for two days."
"What they're doing here is unprecedented –we're proud to have such great friends join our mission, and we're incredibly honored to be in the company of these amazing campaigns in the Top 5," said Burton.
Constantly hearing statements such as "You're so lucky to have summers off" or "It must be so easy to teach elementary school," any teacher would be a little irritated.
Providing helpful, detailed, encouraging feedback and appreciation requires paying attention to what kids are doing, and listening to what they're saying.
Make sure that while kids are active, they are fueling their bodies with the healthiest food possible. Get creative recipe ideas here!
"It appears that the exemplar schools are fueled by five essential and interacting ingredients...[representing] the essential conditions for transformation into a 21st Century School," said a Partnership for 21st Century Skills report.
Building in time for reflection, as well as giving everyone a "voice and a choice," are some of the key recommendations.
Teachers get full course creation capabilities, and students enrolled in private iTunes U courses can now fully collaborate with classmates and teachers.
“The LFA...supports the call for an increased E-rate funding cap and equitable distribution to ensure the program will be both sustainable and successful.”
"This summer, let's...encourage students to forget about school, slack off, make some games and learn," said KQED.