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People magazine, Major League Baseball (MLB) and Target Corp. have announced 90 finalists in a campaign recognizing teachers who have made a difference for their students and communities.
Already under assault in California, tenure laws face a challenge in another traditionally pro-labor state.
Only 18 states (down from 41) now meet the criteria. States must consider how well special-needs students do on standardized tests, the gap between special-needs students and students without disabilities, and other measures.
"My students relentlessly challenge what I thought I knew about kids and teaching. My colleagues challenge me to expand my perspective and step out of my classroom bubble," said one teacher.
"At the Coke plant, teachers learned about the physics of machines that can screw on up to 900 bottle caps a minute, the process used to mix 51 flavors of soft drinks and the chemistry involved in creating plastic bottles that hold in the... 06/24/2014 - 12:10pm ago
3p Learning's software is used in 17,000 schools worldwide and offers more than 1,200 activities aligned with international curricula, according to EducationNews.org.
"Because of the 'shut down' nature of the school calendar, it is easy for us to quickly engage in similar mental cessation during [summer]....In my humble view, this is a mistake."
"Computer Science can make the world more beautiful, more usable, more safe, more kind, more innovative, more healthy, and more funny, but we need to help more girls find relevant ways to interact with it," said program funder Google.
Wheeler proposed closing the Wi-Fi gap and connecting over 10 million students across the country in 2015. This represents the first modernization effort since the program's creation 18 years ago.
Created by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, "Chronoscribe" will look like a virtual globe, and users will be able to access it much as they do Wikipedia.
Eighty-four percent of parents whose kids attend virtual school say it is better than their child's previous school, and 92 percent would recommend the school to other parents.
In Professional Learning Communities, teachers can create collaborative flipped videos. "They often view their own videos and critique their lessons to determine how they can improve the next time."
With skyrocketing college tuition costs and growing concerns regarding student debt, many are asking some hard questions.
Because we're so focused on grabbing students' interest at the beginning of instruction, we often overlook the end of lessons, missing the opportunity for effective closure.
Conventional pastimes--sports, reading and traditional games such as board games, jigsaws, construction toys and dolls--still represent an important aspect of many children's free time.
Apps are curated by a select group of teachers, and in Google’s bookstore for schools, educators can rent or buy books for students starting at $1 per student for 60 days of access.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said the standards represent an insupportable federal intrusion into state affairs. But board President Chas Roemer said the panel will not budge on its commitment to implement the Common Core.
More than two-thirds of American kids are "too sleepy," say their teachers, and this could potentially compromise achievement.
The reversal of a Missouri education law puts the academic fate of some of the state's most needy students at risk.
Re@L (Real Experiences at Life) aims to create highly efficient iPad apps that help children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.