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Teachers or aides sometimes restrain out-of-control students by holding them, pinning them to the ground, or even using mechanical restraints such as a belt or handcuffs.
At this fully-loaded tutoring center, kids enter a superhero or pirate shop and then go through a secret door.
The education superintendent and board president dismissed Gov. Jindal's rejection of Common Core as "a dramatic but meaningless gesture."
The idea for this type of school came from a task force appointed by NJ Gov. Chris Christie to address the state's heroin crisis.
Retail stores such as J.C. Penney, Target and Walmart are reaching out to customers with sales on clothing, backpacks, school supplies and more.
“They’re trying to, in my opinion, shelter us from what’s actually going on around the country and around the world by blocking these websites,” a student said.
Texting helps kids understand how sounds and print relate to each other--for example, the word "great" and the abbreviated version "gr8."
“Laws are not always the cure for our every social ill, no matter how good they make us feel inside,” said criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Danny Cevallos.
Joaquin Del Core said a bully targeted him all year, beat him up weekly and threatened to kill him. The fourth-grader's parents have filed a lawsuit on their son's behalf seeking $50,000 from the bully, the bully's parents and the Chicago-... 06/20/2014 - 11:05am ago
Students who suffer head injuries would need approval from a medical professional before returning to the field, Reuters reported.
The Vgo Robot is a high-tech device fully equipped with cameras and the ability to travel down hallways or wherever the operator wants it to go.
"Weekly Twitter chats help keep educators aware of educational technology developments, practices and policies...conversations often take on a life of their own, and the results are motivational and actionable."
"A lot of people are frustrated, especially the seniors," said Laramo Dione, rising senior. "I know everyone isn't innocent. Someone has to take responsibility."
Teachers-in-training work alongside students in hopes of gaining certification through an alternative program called Certification Solutions.
Classtools.net recommends free, simple low-tech tools from graphic organizers to video-game makers. The site’s “bulletin board” is searchable.
Outside of the occasional computer lab, basic webpage or iPad in the classroom, schools have stubbornly resisted tech innovation.
Find out more about the landmark and highly controversial ruling by reading in-depth the case evidence and timeline, court transcripts, quotes from the ruling and more.
"The standardization of information and testing continue to present a huge barrier to the kinds of passionate learning and innovative teaching parents seek for their children."
“They don’t take it seriously when parents come to administrators and teachers saying their child is being bullied,” said Mona Davids, president of the New York City Parents Union. “They’re not taking down the reports. They’re just not.”
"Social media is a beautiful thing, and I'm lucky I live in a generation where that is becoming the mainstream way of communicating," eighth-grader and student body president Dylan Balsamo told The Record.