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It's not just about cost, since the value-add of a device that changes with the user cannot be underestimated, said educator Tim Holt.
Consider the pros and cons of Bring Your Own Device programs and get a bunch of tools for the BYOD classroom.
CK-12.org offers free, STEM-related electronic textbooks covering subjects from arithmetic to physics.
Snapshot offers distinct functionality aimed at improving student learning outcomes. It features Common Core and a range of other U.S. state standards.
"Books will fly off the shelf and straight into your students' hands when they watch these quick video booktalks and book trailers," says the Scholastic Web site.
This study surveyed parents, students and community members about the links among school, technology and students' future success.
From a sight-word bingo game to a make-your-own magnetic poetry kit, ReadWriteThink has plenty of free resources to browse.
EdSurge's list of vetted "S'Cool Tools" offers numerous free tech resources for livening up instruction and deepening student learning.
Want to edit videos or make the page's content more student-friendly? Here's a list of free tools for getting the most out of the popular video service.
"You don't have to be on social media (or even like it) to feel the lift social media concepts can give writing in your classroom," said Lisa Nielsen on the Innovative Educator.
The demands of the law have frustrated many administrators, leading Curtis Garcia to resign as principal of the K-12 school in tiny Centennial School District in San Luis, the Denver Post reported.
Restorative approaches, as part of a larger effort to foster student social and emotional learning, help develop resilient and self-regulating learners.
"Science is primed for inquiry-based learning, but schools need to do more by promoting this pedagogical technique across all content areas," said Eric Sheninger in his Principal's Reflections blog.
"The Common Core State Standards will require big transitions and changes to the professional lives of educators, and we want to help," said the site.
Taking kids to the beach or relaxing by the pool can only last for so long. Get 62 great ideas for keeping little minds and hands busy.
Want to promote students' critical thinking next school year? This organization provides critical thinking handbooks for all grades, remodeled lessons, strategies and more.
Browse helpful e-guides including "The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators" and "How to Do 11 Techy Things in the New School Year."
Internationally, the U.S ranks significantly below average in math comprehension, accounting for only 8.8% of top-level mathematics performers.
States have increased education funds by changing school finance formulas, bumping up amounts for early education, and tying higher education funding to performance measures, Reuters reported.
“The problem is not to get incrementally better with our current education system,” said one expert. “The problem is to reimagine it.”