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Students Are on Right Track Regarding Digital Tools

Report Finds Students Are On The Right Track With Access to Digital Tools

Project Tomorrow's annual Speak Up National Research Project has discovered that students are using digital tools for their education, with great results. 

The project, "The New Digital Playbook: Understanding the Spectrum of Students' Activities and Aspirations," obtained its results by surveying 39,986 teachers and librarians as well as 4,530 school, district and technology administrators representing 9,005 schools and 2,710 districts nationwide, according to its website. The study also highlighted the views of parents and school-aged children (32,151) and community members at large (1,346) about the links among school, technology and students' future success. 

One key findings from the report: More than 40 percent of high schools are now offering online classes in math, science, history and English/language arts. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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