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STEM News Roundup: Support the 'Martians of Tomorrow'

STEM News Roundup: Support the 'Martians of Tomorrow'

A new campaign announced by the Challenger Center aims to support the next generation of STEM leaders, or the 'Martians of Tomorrow.'

Who are the Martians of Tomorrow? "The Martians of Tomorrow are different," the Challenger Center says on its site.

"They are a new species formed on Earth to discover new worlds. They are the biologists, geologists, and roboticists of the future. They are trailblazers who inspire Earthlings. They develop skills that will be the envy of their friends."

Readers are encouraged to take a pledge to encourage studying of STEM subjects, either as part of an organization or as an individual. Readers are also invited to donate and are provided access to a series of lesson plans and other free resources relating to the study of STEM.

Read more here.

New Data Indicates Computer Science Jobs Continue to Be in Abundance

National efforts to steer U.S. students into the computer science field have been validated by new data that indicates computer science jobs continue to be in high demand.

USA Today says a new study from has found that computer science jobs have the most growth potential over the next seven years.

Computer science jobs, however, are notoriously hard to fill, partly because it is not a subject required to be taught in K-12. Many leaders are attempting to change this by creating "computer science for all" initiatives. See: New York City, Arkansas and California.

The Most Popular Science Books of 2016

Want to recommend some stellar books involving, math, physics and chemistry to your students? Forbes contributor GrrlScientist has compiled a list of the top ten reads in these subjects from last year.

See the list for yourself here.

Microsoft Identified as Most Innovative Company Thanks to Minecraft

Microsoft's release of Minecraft: Education Edition has resulted in its recognition by FastCompany as the 31st most innovative company in the world this year.

Microsoft's innovation has helped it "build new worlds in the classroom," FastCompany says.

Read the full story here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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