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A special podcast series spotlights communities that are working hard to get Common Core implementation right.
Matt Candler, founder of mSchool, which establishes small "pop-up classrooms" with online curricula in community centers, wrote about the return of the micro-school.
The FDA has not yet banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, but schools across the country are proactively enacting bans on their own.
The School Nutrition Organization says the rules going into effect are "overly prescriptive" and too costly for certain schools.
With this expert podcast, consider ways in which high-achieving students may be at risk, even when they seem to be doing fine.
Have you been consistently safe and structured with a chronically challenging student, but his/her behavior hasn’t improved? This chapter offers answers.
Activities in this free eBook include representing Earth’s landforms, modeling a plant or animal cell, creating an aboriginal mask and more.
“My absolute best friend stayed by me, she was the only one and made me feel good about myself and reassured me that I wasn’t as mean as the other girls," said one student.
Teach kids about the importance of sunscreen, the science behind ocean tides, and why we need those nasty mosquitoes.
iTunes U 2.0 gives teachers the ability to create and manage their courses within an accessible and easy-to-use app.
The teachers, referred to as "The Foul Four," faced sexual-misconduct charges, but were unable to be fired due to state tenure laws.
"President Obama has often been described as an eloquent speaker," said one educator. "I learned this week that he is an eloquent listener, too."
Assessment results revealed that Chinese teenagers in Shanghai "know more about money than American kids. So do teens in Estonia." The test, administered by the OECD, tested knowledge in areas ranging from banking and taxes to interest... 07/14/2014 - 10:55am ago
We hear you: You've got it tough! An article on misconceptions about teachers really resonated with EducationWorld readers. Explore similar themes we found on the Web.
"Intellectually and professionally, [earning an advanced degree] still interests me and makes a lot of sense," said teacher Tim Barnsback. "But economically, it doesn't make sense to do it anymore."
"From device security solutions to robots for students with autism, these are 11 tools to keep on your radar," said EducationDive.
Teacher groups believe Duncan should end 'test and punish' accountability systems and help ensure school funding equity.
FCC Commissioners voted to modernize the E-rate program, which helps schools and libraries connect to the Internet at an affordable price.
"Many educators have argued it is unfair to judge teachers by students' scores on unfamiliar tests, especially in light of complaints that teachers didn't get enough training or time to adjust to the new standards," said a Wall Street... 07/15/2014 - 10:13am ago
The app has been blocked at 85 percent of high schools across the country. At a high school in North Carolina, the app was being updated with "derogatory" messages targeting students and teachers alike.