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Latest Education News
This reporter claims that although Bill Gates said "improving education" is the only reason he believes in Common Core, Microsoft does have business interests in the standards.
The characteristics of a good game are the same, said this expert, whether that game is on the Internet or in a box with dice and a board.
"Teachers are told to sprinkle your 'differentiation fairy dust,' " said one principal. "With 32 students in a class and no aides, it's not possible." Is blended learning the answer?
The bill's sponsor said he "can't imagine what sort of behavior would make suspension or expulsion appropriate punishment for a 3 or 4-year-old."
Schools' overzealous Internet filtering "stunts learning opportunities" for both students and teachers, argued this writer.
The site is the only resource completely focused on Common Core, and it has raised $2 million to ensure that teachers continue to get their resources for free.
Does digital assessment more accurately evaluate student knowlege? Tech tools can be difficult, especially for those with special needs, or for schools that have no experience with tools such as the math "equation editor."
A heartwarming letter went viral after telling students "The people who drew up the tests...'do not know each of you... the way your teachers do...and certainly not the way your families do.' "
Plaintiffs had called HB 3399 an “unprecedented expansion of the power of the legislative branch and interference with the executive branch,” but the court disagreed.
"Schools of all types are being forced to reevaluate what it means to be relevant. We need a re-imagined educational experience that directly connects learners to success."
"Writing is an essential tool for learning," said a Fight for Your Write spokesperson. "The practice of writing helps with learning letters and shapes, and can improve idea composition, expression and fine motor-skill development."
All the government needs to do to improve education is reduce America's poverty rate. If we equalize results based on poverty rates, the U.S. is already the world leader in education.
100 Scope Notes has the depth of a multi-author website and offers a huge volume of archived but still-useful content.
Two high-school teachers integrated Twitter and the Webmaker tool Thimble into a lesson on the Roman Forum.
"Games actively engage players cognitively, emotionally and socially to keep them motivated to play," said a Rensselaer professor.
"When I asked the rep at the Uno pizza booth why ingredients weren't included on his nutrition information sheet, he told me the list wouldn't fit on the page."
Computer science and statistics should take precedence, yet most high schools don’t offer these courses, or offer them only as electives.
Is the city’s school choice system creating better schools, or simply sorting certain students out and leaving the weakest learners in struggling schools?
This "rebuke shows how ugly the fight has become between the first lady and...the organization that represents cafeteria workers."
A five-question survey boosted detection and treatment for eating disorders. School-based screening programs are therefore a bargain in terms of time and money.