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Political Blogger Calls U.S. Ed Reform 'Dumb'

Though unions represent only 38 percent of America's teachers, many say unions are ruining education. Even though charter schools are not necessarily cheaper to run and don't produce better outcomes, some argue for more charter schools. And even though there is no data to suggest the Common Core standards are better than the current standards, most states are making the change.

But the most peculiar talking point that reformers discuss is money in education, said political blogger Dale Hansen in a post for HuffPost Detroit.

You would be hard pressed to find data that show less money in education leads to better results, but you can easily find people who complain that we spend too much on education.

It's true that over the past 20 years spending on education has risen by 25 percent over inflation. But defense spending over that same time frame increased by 83 percent over inflation, and health care costs have jumped by 79 percent over inflation during this 20-year period.

Money squabbles aside, the good news is that all the government needs to do to improve education is reduce the poverty rate in America. If we equalize results based on poverty rates, America is already the world leader in education.

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