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Principal Highlights Cool Common Core-Aligned ELA Activity

Eric Sheninger, who writes A Principal’s Reflections blog, examined how New Milford, CT, high school teachers Jessica Groff and Joanna Westbrook created a Common Core-aligned English Language arts task that involved Twitter.

Sheninger explained what they did in his blog post:

The teachers began with an informational text on the history of the Roman Forum to ground their use of social media in historical discourse and academic content. This step gave students a context and purpose for using Twitter with this particular play and in this particular way. In addition, the teachers worked with students to reverse-engineer the rhetoric of Twitter and generate a list of the type of tweets students see currently in their daily lives.

The students then worked with the school’s digital media specialist to use memes to improve the content of their tweets. Using Mozilla’s free Webmaker tool Thimble, they created memes that allowed both the tech-savvy and non-tech savvy to present their visuals in a more professional manner.

To see how it turned out, read the blog post here.

Sheninger’s blog can be found here.

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