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Cheetos, Funnel Cake and Domino's Approved for School Lunches

Cheetos, Funnel Cake and Domino's Are Now Approved School Lunch Items

At the annual conference of the School Nutrition Association, more than 400 vendors and hundreds of school cafeteria professionals gathered together to find new foods to serve at their schools. 

Attendees tried all types of food, such as tater tots, PB&Js with crusts removed, toaster waffles and chicken tenders, bites and rings. Vendors, according to, included Sara Lee, Kraft, Perdue, Uno and even Pizza Hut. 

The vendors were "armed with newly formulated products" designed to conform to the new federal school nutrition standards, and you wouldn't believe the list of approved school lunch items. Cheetos, funnel cakes and Domino's pizza were among the items. 

"While the exhibitors were eager to show off their products' nutritional stats, few offered actual ingredients lists," the article said. "When I asked the rep at the Uno pizza booth why ingredients weren't included on his nutrition information sheet, he told me the list wouldn't fit on the page."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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