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Why We Are Misunderstanding the Chromebook-iPad Debate

Why We Are Misunderstanding the Chromebook-iPad Debate

As more and more classrooms gear up with laptops and tablets, a common debate has become: Chromebook or iPad? Educator Tim Holt looks at this argument in an opinion piece on EdSurge.

He said at first, Chromebooks seem to be a good deal, but they lack a lot of features that the iPad or other tablets can offer, such as a changing interface, portable camcorder or camera and a number of apps.

"The point is, the value-add of a device that changes with the user cannot be underestimated," he wrote. "If you listen to folks talk about Chromebooks, it is almost never in terms of what students can do with the device. Instead, it's almost always about how the devices can be managed (old school IT department thinking), and how low the cost is (finance department academic decision-making), or how it integrates with Google Docs which is code for, 'It can do almost everything Microsoft Office does.'"

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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