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Teachers Protest, Say Bill Gates is Ruining Education

Teachers Protest, Say Bill Gates is Ruining Education

Photo courtesy of Kjetil Ree

Bill Gates has poured millions of dollars into public education reform in the U.S., and some teachers aren’t very happy about that.

GeekWire reported that about 150 instructors from the "Badass Teacher Association" marched through downtown Seattle toward the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to express their disapproval of the Common Core standards that have been implemented in 45 states, thanks largely to support from the Gates Foundation.

Some accuse Gates of supporting Common Core not for the benefit of students, but to help Microsoft’s bottom line, because the standards support technology and data.

Tom O’Kelley, an English teacher at Tacoma’s Oakland High School, told GeekWire, “[The Foundation is] trying to turn public schools into a corporate money maker and push out the voice of teachers like we have no idea what we’re doing in education. Bill Gates certainly doesn’t. He’s a college dropout. He’s a corporate money maker — that’s all he does.”

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