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Here's Why Non-Teachers Can't Understand a Teacher's Job

Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Teachers Can't Understand a Teacher's Job

Constantly hearing statements such as "You're so lucky to have summers off" or "It must be so easy to teach elementary school," any teacher would be a little irritated. 

So said Beth Lewis, who wrote an article addressing this issue. In her piece "Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Teachers Can Never Really Understand Our Job, Or, Why Nobody Enters Teaching Just for the Vacations," Lewis offers eight reasons why non-teachers "just don't get it."

"All of these ignorant and annoying comments just go to show that people who aren't in education simply can't understand all of the work that goes into being a classroom teacher," she wrote. "Even many administrators seem to have forgotten about all of the trials and tribulations we face on the front lines of education."

Some of her reasons include a lack of vacation time and the fact that non-teachers don't realize "teachers aren't just teachers."

Read the full story. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor 

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