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Praise vs. Feedback: Which Will Better Motivate Kids?

Praise vs. Feedback: Which Will Better Motivate Our Kids?

When it comes to complimenting children for their successes, what is the best method? Do we praise them, or do we offer feedback?

Anya Kamenetz wrote for KQED about the best way for parents to motivate their children, referencing the book Mindset and other writings.

Kamenetz reviewed psychologists and other experts' research, which indicates that praising children in the traditional way can leave them less motivated to go further in their lives. Instead, adults should provide specific feedback and ask children questions; this will help them reflect on how far they've come and consider whether they want to go the extra mile.

"Providing helpful, detailed, encouraging feedback and appreciation requires paying attention to what kids are doing, and listening to what they're saying," she wrote. "[But Psychologist Carol] Dweck says what she sees all too often are time-pressured parents who reach for a quick sugar fix instead."

'We are a praise-addicted culture," Kamenetz added. "I don't think parents are going to stop praising.'"

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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