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Districts Using Name "Redskins" Largely Opting to Keep It

Districts Using Name "Redskins" Largely Opting to Keep It

Photo courtesy of Adam Carriker

Many school districts that use the name “Redskins” have wound up in the news in recent days.

One surprising development came in Eastern Washington state at Wellpinit High, part of a district whose student body is 67 percent Native American. The school board met last week and reaffirmed its support for the Redskins name.

“It’s something [community members] have been brought up with all their life, and you know I don’t think they look at it being very derogatory,” Board Vice Chairman James Williams told the Washington Post.

Hurricane High in West Virginia has also mulled over use of the term "redskins," with David Cremeans, principal chief of the Native American Indian Federation of West Virginia, weighing in.

He said 200 years ago the term “redskins” was a derogatory term, but it’s not any more. He added that Native Americans have much more important issues to work on such as poverty, child care and alcoholism, instead of worrying about a team’s mascot.

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