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Food Banks Scramble to Feed Children During Summer

This is the second year that the Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank, which serves counties in northeast Pennsylvania, provides summer meals to children in Duryea, a working-class, former mining community that has been struggling to recover after a catastrophic flood in 2011.

USA Today reported that the food bank has stepped up efforts to reach more children during the summer months. It serves summer meals to 2,400 children in a three-county area, about 15% of the children eligible for the program.

That tracks with national data--of the 22 million children eligible for free and reduced lunch during the school year, only 15% receive free meals during the summer.

Programs across the country are scrambling to feed those children during the summer break. Food banks, which often run the programs, are going to skate parks, libraries, fire stations and isolated country roads, anywhere that children gather, to bring them lunch.

For some children, it's the only full meal of the day.

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