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School Issues
This special section of the Parents Community takes a more in depth look at education issues and includes these sub sections:
 Education Methods & Programs
   Arts Education
   Ability Grouping
   Bilingual Education
   Brain Based Education
   Character Education
Community Service Learning
Multiple Intelligences
Waldorf Education
 Education Research

 Education Trends & Reform

   Assessment & Testing
   Class/School Size
   Equity in Education
   Gender in Education
   Grade Configuration
   School Calendar
School Choice
School Management
School Uniforms
Teacher Quality
Urban Ed. & Rural Ed.
 School Buildings

 School Safety

School Issues Center
Here you'll find all of our school issues articles archived by:
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Rural Education
School Choice
School to Work
Special Education
Urban Education

Administration Archives
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Check out our site Reviews Archives on Education Issues! Here are few highlights from the archives.

Coalition of Essential Schools
Coalition of Essential Schools is a growing network of more than 1,000 schools in 38 states that are implementing community-based school reform centered around rethinking the schools' priorities and redesigning curriculum, assessments, and instruction to be more student centered. The site offers a large library of materials, lists of participating schools, and information on projects and research.

School Choices
School reform is a hot topic. Most people agree that we need to make changes to improve the quality of America's schools, but few can agree on just how to go about it. The School Choice site puts forth a strong argument in favor of a free-market school system as opposed to our current government run school system. Here you'll find articles, book reviews, and other information that examine the pros and cons of this controversial reform method.

Rethinking Schools Online
Rethinking Schools is an activist education publication, with articles written by and for teachers, parents, and students. It addresses classroom practices, educational theory, and key policy issues such as vouchers and marketplace-oriented reforms, funding equity, and school-to-work programs.

National Center for Urban Partnerships
The National Center for Urban Partnerships sponsors education initiatives to increase higher education opportunities for at-risk, urban students, and to create lasting change in the education system.

Center for Education Reform
The Center for Education Reform (CER) is an independent, national, non-profit advocacy organization providing support and guidance to individuals nationwide who are working to bring fundamental reforms to their schools.

National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
The National Foundation for the Improvement of Education works for improving education by working with teachers, researchers, school staff and students in public schools.

National Association For Year Round Education
This website covers a lot of the questions and information concerning year round education programs, including examples and terminology.

On the Way to School
Articles on the current state of education in America and the world.

Urban Education Web
Most of the information comes from the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearinghouse on Urban Education.

Education Issues

NCREL Pathways To School Improvement
This section of the North Central Regional Education Laboratory covers a broad range of topics.

National Commission on Teaching & America's Future
This site features reports and recommendations for school reform in the United States.

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform
This site features a number of good publications on a range of school reform topics.