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July, 1998

National Center for Urban Partnerships
GRADE LEVEL: Adminstrators

The National Center for Urban Partnerships sponsors education initiatives to increase higher education opportunities for at-risk, urban students, and to create lasting change in the education system.

In addition to the default verion, the site offers a text-only, and a no-frames version of the site. Pictures are kept in a separate area so the main page is not slow to load. Much of the site uses tables.

The home page has a lot of information but uses dividers and large headers to separate it. Each page has the same navigation menu at the top, with links to each main section of the site.

This is the Web site for the National Center for Urban Partnerships. The agency coordinates teams participating in the Urban Partnership Program. The program helps urban students to successfully complete undergraduate degrees. The teams include K-12 and undergraduate educators, and representatives from community, corporate, and political groups. The teams concentrate on transitions between middle school and high school, and high school and college. The Web site provides information on the program, as well as initiatives and activities supported by the program. Users at the site will find publications, listserv and board discussion areas, and information on conferences. The National Center also serves as an information clearinghouse on urban collaboration, health intervention, and educational achievement. For educators involved in urban education reform or others interested in the project, this is a great resource.