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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1998

Center For Education Reform
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

The Center for Education Reform (CER) is an independent, national, non-profit advocacy organization providing support and guidance to individuals nationwide who are working to bring fundamental reforms to their schools.

The site uses a gray background and is entirely text-based. Most pages offer paragraphs of links.

Most links are listed with a larger font than the surrounding text, which makes them easy to locate. Each page has the same text menu at the bottom, allowing users to return home or to access publications available from the site.

The Center for Education Reform was established to provide nationwide support to individuals working to bring reforms to their schools. The Center helps parents, educators, community leaders, and legislators to "re-establish local control over schools." Visitors to the Web site will find articles and publications from the Center, surveys, news items, and statistics. Topics discussed at the site include charter schools and school choice. The Center also maintains a database on reform issues and reports on the efforts of groups working in education. Anyone interested in or dealing with education reform issues will welcome the information at this site.