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Class Size Reduction: Success Stories Noted in New Report
Last month, the U.S. Department of Education released a report, "Local Success Stories: Reducing Class Size." The 9-page report describes challenges and opportunities in efforts to reduce class size. Included: The latest research on class size reduction.

Are Smaller Schools the Answer?
Michael Klonsky, of the University of Illinois (Chicago) College of Education says, "A compelling body of research shows that when students are part of smaller and more intimate learning communities, they are more successful." This week, Education World takes a look at some of that research.

Are Smaller Classes the Answer?
Teachers, parents, and students all say smaller classes are better, but will smaller class sizes really lead to enhanced student performance?

The Debate Over Class Size -- Part 2: The Critics Have Their Say
In Part 2 of Education World's "The Debate Over Class Size" we focus on the critics of President Clinton's class-size initiative. Could the money spent as part of Clinton's plan be better spent in other ways? many critics wonder.

The Debate Over Class Size -- Part 1: Class Size Does Matter!
In his State of the Union Address, President Clinton announced a plan to reduce class size in grades 1-3. Plenty of research supports his initiative to reduce class size. Early results from a class size reduction program introduced in California also seems to support the President's plan.

Living With the Permanence of Portables
Using portable classrooms to relieve school overcrowding is a solution heralded -- and hated. It's all a matter of attitude, some teachers say.