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MAY, 1997


National Association For Year Round Education

This website covers a lot of the questions and information concerning year round education programs, including examples and terminology.

The site uses a dark background with light colored text, no dividers or graphics.

The site is actually one long page and the user goes to each section from an index table at the top. The end of each section has a link back up to the top.

The National Association for Year-Round Education (NAYRE) is a non-profit organization which "advocates improved K-12 education through the implementation of alternative schedules." The website provides resources and information on policies, theories and practices regarding education and time. It also extensively explains year-round education as it is currently implemented -- a schedule that reorganizes the school year by breaking up the summer vacation into shorter, more frequent vacations, thereby providing longer periods of continuous education. The site also attempts to dispel some myths about the programs such as year-round education students not getting the same types of instruction as non-year-round students. This is a relatively new site and has more information yet to come including additional schools using the year-round program, consulting services, an FAQ, membership information, publications, research and statistics. This is a great place for teachers, administrators, parents and students interested in alternative scheduling as well as those already practicing it to gather information, inform others and keep up with new ideas.