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You've made it! You finally have a class of your own. Keep Education World bookmarked and check in with us frequently for lesson plans, activities, ideas, and resources to help you as you continue your career. You can begin with these resources...


Education Organizations Listings Page
Visit this page to get links to education organizations, categorized by Teacher, Administrator, Subject, and Standard.

Classroom Management
This page in the Preservice Community's Learning How to Teach section offers resources to help gain control of your class and make optimum use of learning time.


The First 180 Days: First-Year Teacher Diaries
Shaundalyn Elliott and Rich Henderson are members of this year's freshman class. They are brand-new teachers starting what we hope will be rewarding and satisfying careers. As if being a first-year teacher isn't enough--Rich and Shaundalyn have invited thousands of visitors into their classrooms this year! Each week, they will share with Education World readers their thoughts and feelings about their first 180 days!

Shaundalyn Elliott's Diary
Wk 19: A Week of Enlightenment!
Wk 18: So Little Time; So Much to Do!
Wk 17: The Dreaded PDP!
Wk 16: New Year's Resolutions
Wk 15: Twas the Month Before Xmas
Wk 14: Two Weeks in the Life
Wk 13: Earning Respect!
Wk 12: Nine Weeks Down
Wk 11: Class Spirits!
Wk 10: All the School's a Stage
Wk 9: Homecoming!
Wk 8: Falling in Love!
Wk 7: Demanding Respect!
Wk 6: I Get Paid Too?
Wk 5: 'That Was Then, This Is Now!'
Wk 4: Responsibilities Mount!
Wk 3: Working Together
Wk 2: 'Heeere They Come!'
Wk 1: Going Home
Rich Henderson's Diary
Wk 19: Everyone Is a Teacher!
Wk 18: Am I Doing Enough?
Wk 17: How Much Is Too Much?
Wk 16: Silence
Wk 15: The Best Laid Plans
Wk 14: Computers in the Classroom
Wk 13: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Wk 12: Teacher Workshop Day
Wk 11: Report Cards
Wk 10: First Teacher Observation
Wk 9: Teachers Are Real People
Wk 8: Lines of Communication
Wk 7: Homework!
Wk 6: Lessons About Lesson Planning
Wk 5: Time
Wk 4: Back-to-School Night
Wk 3: Quiz Time
Wk 2: Well, I Made It!
Wk 1: Anticipation

Don't Waste a Minute: Quick-Tivities for Awkward Moments
Got five minutes to fill? Try one of these real learning activities.

Portfolios Help Teachers Reflect on What Makes Good Teaching
Connecticut's demanding two-year support and assessment program for new teachers, Beginning Educator Support and Training (BEST), is gaining national attention. The program includes mentoring, seminars, a personal portfolio, and an analysis of the teacher's performance. Included: Education World talks with two beginning teachers who completed the portfolio process and two veteran teachers who score new teachers' portfolios. All share why they like the program.

Children's Work -- Visibility Leads to Value
Displaying children's work lets them know you value it -- and them. Documenting the process of student work benefits children, engages parents, and guides teachers. Included: Comments about making children's work visible from a researcher at Harvard Project Zero.

Your Search for Bulletin Board Ideas Is Over!
Three educators who searched for bulletin board ideas on the Web and found little have solved the problem for the rest of us! Today, Education World talks about bulletin boards with teachers Kimberly Steele, Kathy Schrock, and Rochelle Chenoweth -- each of whom created a useful bulletin board resource on the Net! Included: Links to ten bulletin board resources for educators across the grades!

Open House: When First Impressions Matter
Good first impressions make a difference, and the first open house of the school year gives teachers a chance to gain parents' support. It also allows teachers an opportunity to create a personal connection with parents and establish ways for continued communication throughout the school year. Included: Ideas to help make your open house a success!

Education World Introduces First-Year Teacher Diaries
Today, Education World introduces the first in a yearlong series of articles. Two brand-new teachers will chronicle their first professional experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Their exclusive insights are sure to benefit us all!

The Internet and Problem-Based Learning: A New Resource for Connected Classrooms
Using the Internet for problem solving introduces new dimensions to teaching. A new book, *The Internet and Problem-Based Learning: Developing Solutions Through the Web*, will help you explore those dimensions --- and share them with your students!

A Dozen Articles Every Educator Should Read!
The best of the best from Education World's first 100 issues! Looking for practical teaching ideas and classroom tips? That's what Education World is all about! This week, in celebration of Ed World's 100th weekly issue, we highlight a dozen of the best and most practical stories from our archives.

Critical Friends Groups: Catalysts for School Change
Finding the time to cultivate new ways of examining student work and relating to colleagues is difficult but well worth the effort, said teacher Deborah Bambino of her involvement in a Critical Friends Group, or CFG. Perhaps you've heard the buzz about CFGs! Education World takes a close-up look at CFGs ---what they are and what they hope to accomplish.

The Secret's in the Little Things: Simple Tips for Successful Teachers
Here they are --- twelve quick tips to help make managing your classroom a breeze! Included are tips for getting to know your students, communicating with parents, getting your day of to a good start, and much more!

From the Principal Files: Advice for First-Year Teachers --- From the Principals Who Hired Them!
Ed World's Principal Files principals offer tips for beginning teachers!

Advice for First-Year Teachers --- from the 'Sophomores' Who Survived Last Year!
Education World asked the "sophomores" who faced ---and survived--- that dreaded first year to reflect on their successes and failures. First-year teachers, here is their best advice for getting through it!

A "Survival Kit" for New Teachers
A new resource, bulging with practical ideas for classroom use, would make a great welcome gift for your school's new teachers! Included: Ideas for building "teamwork" skills, motivating students, and creating reading response journals!

Pushing for Peer-Review
The NEA and AFT both advocate peer-review and peer-assistance programs for teachers.

What's Going On in Teacher Education?
Teacher training institutions across the U.S. are working to improve the quality of America's teachers. Here we highlight a handful of programs that are taking steps -- big and small -- to change the way teachers are trained.

Teachers Talk About Public Education Today
What do U.S. teachers think about the state of American education? How do their views compare with the general public's perceptions? A new report offers insight.

The State of Teacher Preparation: 1997
This article, the first in a two-part series, focuses on the problems and the challenges of teacher preparation.


Can Teach
Can Teach is an excellent teacher's resource that's full of lesson plans, teaching ideas, links, and discussion lists. The site is geared toward Canadian educators, but has plenty of great stuff for all Pre-K-7 educators.

A to Z Teacher Stuff
A to Z Teacher Stuff is a great place to look for new ideas for the classroom and to share your own ideas. It contains original lesson plans, tips, ideas, and indexes to more than 1,000 lesson planning resources.

Apple Learning Interchange
The Apple Learning Interchange is an Internet community for K-12 educators with a large and participatory membership. Apple has gathered databases of lesson-planning units, Internet resources, and Internet-based projects. Also included are discussion forums and chat rooms for educators.

Gateway to Educational Materials
The Internet is home to many great educational resources, lesson plans, and curriculum units, but finding them isn't always easy. The Gateway to Educational Materials provides access to high quality Internet lesson plans, curriculum units, and other education resources.

Pro Teacher is a Web directory designed for elementary school teachers and parents. The site is searchable and contains lesson plans, activities, and resources on the Internet for Pre-school, elementary, and middle school classroom teachers.

New Teacher Home Page
This site was set up for teachers just starting out in the field of education. Users can see find information on classroom management, learning theories, finding a job, and more.

Apple Education
Resources for educators, parents and students concerned with K-12 or higher education. Information includes news and events, lesson plans, international education projects and links to outside education sites.

Digital Education Network
The Math Den is very complete and useful, some of the other education areas are growing quickly to catch up.

U.S. Department of Education
This is like having the entire Department of Education in your living room.

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    Also from the Department of Education.

    New Teacher Resources
    A helpful set of resources from TeachersFirst.com.

    Free things for Educators
    A personal (teacher's) Web site. Resources listed by grade.

    Teachers First
    TeachersFirst is a web resource for K-12 classroom teachers who want useful resources and lesson plans to use with their students.

    Internet content for the classroom.

    Global Schoolhouse
    Collaborative/Online Projects resource.

    Ideas for New Teachers and Education Students
    From "how to" information on lesson planning and writing behavioral objectives to descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of different instructional methods, this section of the ADPRIMA site can be helpful to new teachers and teacher education students.