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   T E A C H E R    M E N T O R I N G    
A growing trend, teacher mentoring allows seasoned educators to pass on the information and tips they have learned from years of experience.


Tune In to Teacher Radio!
Teacher Radio, an Internet audio show presented by Scholastic, features interviews with teachers, researchers, and authors. It also broadcasts commentaries and discussions about timely education topics. Teachers can tune in at any time during the day!

Baltimore Program Helps New Teachers Get Off to a Good Start
"I feel more comfortable and have more insight into exactly what to expect. I feel as if I have friends I can reach out to as a support group. I don't feel as if I am doing this alone." Those are the words of Eric Chancey, one of the participants in a unique summer program for new teachers in Baltimore, Maryland. The program provides new teachers with important lessons on how to handle the first-year highs and lows--and thrive! Included: Comments from Marsha Taylor, coordinator of the program, and from teachers who have participated in the program during the last two years.

On-Line Mentoring: Teachers Buddy-Up to Learn!
Nothing is more powerful than when teachers get together to further their own professional interests. From planning units and sharing content area materials to learning technology and sharing collaborative projects, mentoring on-line is becoming commonplace. On-line, teachers are meeting, collaborating, brainstorming, problem solving, taking classes, and receiving degrees! Included: an array of opportunities for teacher networking and mentoring -- and guidelines for getting involved!

Pushing for Peer-Review
The NEA and AFT both advocate peer-review and peer-assistance programs for teachers.


Mighty Mentors
Mighty Mentor is a service that enables teachers to mentor one another by email! The site hooks up new teachers with experienced ones.

21st Century Teachers Network
The 21st Century Teachers Network is a place where teachers can come to learn more about educational technology. Among the highlights are a library of lesson plans and activities that incorporate educational technology, a wide array of discussion groups, and a national events calendar.

Millenium Project
This is a mediated forum for discussions of the role of technology in education. Users can post questions, supply answers, or read other responses.

Teachers Helping Teachers
Here is a unique and powerfully rich source of teaching tips and methodologies for teachers.

Ask A Mentor
Email service where teachers can ask advice from experienced educators.

Teacher Talk Forums
TeacherTalk is a discussion forum where K-12 teachers can discuss teaching techniques, trade lesson plan ideas, and support one another.

From College to First-Year Teaching - How the United States Compares to Several Other Countries
This 1997 articles from the U.S. Dept. of Education outlines major differences between the way the beginning teachers are supported in the U.S. and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Teacher-2-Teacher Services
This list focuses on the exchange of ideas relevant to pre-K through grade 12 classrooms.

Center for Inspired Learning
The Center for Inspired Learning is designed to serve as a virtual meeting place of more progressive structures and holistic approaches to education.

The Talk City EduCenter
The Talk City EduCenter is an online educational forum, designed to facilitate communication between all who share a common interest in the pursuit for quality education.

A community Web site for teachers.

The Vent
If you're a new teacher, this is a friendly place to speak your mind, share your feelings and experiences, and celebrate the joys and frustrations of your first year.

TeachersFirst Sanity Savers
Tips, shortcuts and advice submitted by teachers in the field.

The Mentor Center
The International Center for New Teacher Induction and Mentoring.

Effective Teaching.com

Successful Teaching
A newspaper with lots of helpful tips in it by Harry K. Wong author of the best selling book The First Days of School : How to Be an Effective Teacher. Just email [email protected] and request a copy to be sent to you via snail mail.