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July, 1999

A to Z Teacher Stuff

A to Z Teacher Stuff is a great place to look for new ideas for the classroom and to share your own ideas. It contains original lesson plans, tips, ideas, and indexes to more than 1,000 lesson planning resources.

The site has a nice easy-to-read primary color scheme.

The main page is the index, and each of the other pages has a good navigational bar at the top

New teachers will particularly appreciate A to Z Teacher Stuff. The site was put together by first-year teacher Amanda Hill and offers helpful ideas to get beginning teachers going in their classrooms. The site has an archive of original lesson plans submitted by users, an index to thematic unit resources and book activities available on the net, a Teacher's Tips discussion list, and a commercial book and toy store. At the bottom of the main page are links to pages on resume construction and brain-based teaching. The site is oriented to the primary grades but does have resources through high-school grade levels.